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If you are interested in buying a recording of any of these past classes, click on the class for more information and then click on the Get Recording link at the bottom of the page.

How does online learning work for hands-on classes?

Online learning can never replace in-person teaching, but there are several advantages.
Demonstrations are visible to everyone and filmed from a good angle; people can tune in regardless of geographic location making learning so much more accessible than ever before; the video will be available to you for a short time after the class so that you can re-watch things you might have missed. This also enables you to attend the class at a later time in case you live in a different time zone.


How does it work?
Courses are taught in a live format from my studio on Zoom. This format allows interaction in real time with the instructor and peers. In addition, the chat function can be used. Students will gain practical hands-on experience, receive personalized feedback from the instructor as well as have access to links, handouts and other materials before and after the class. You’ll be sent an introductory email prior to the class with the zoom link as well as a list of materials you need. 

These workshops are the Intellectual Property of Radha Pandey.
If you are considering teaching a workshop after taking this class, please contact me before doing so.

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