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What will you learn?

In this unique two-session offering, participants will learn how to extract dyes using natural materials for application on paper, and patch together their dyed papers into a beautiful collage based on traditional Korean wrapping cloths called "bojagi." Patchwork bojagi is a traditional type of folk art using discarded cloth scraps. 


There are two sessions total. During the first session, taught by Radha Pandey,  students will learn brush-dyeing and in the process, learn how to prepare dyestuffs and mordants needed for their projects. Radha will demonstrate how to prepare dye materials, how to apply them to paper and how to dry the papers so that students may use them for the second session.


The second session will take place the following week and is taught by Steph Rue. During the second session, students will use their naturally dyed papers to create a small paper bojagi. Steph will demonstrate how to apply paste to adhere the dyed paper together and how to use an iron to quickly adhere and dry them. She will also share examples of bojagi made with dyed paper as well as examples in cloth. Students will receive PDF handouts with resources and detailed instructions on how to finish their bojagi with a border after the workshop. 

What is the duration of the class? 

Session 1: Sunday, July 11, 9–11am PST (California), 6–8 pm CEST (Sweden)

Instructor: Radha Pandey


Session 2: Sunday, July 18, 10am–12pm PST (California), 7–9 pm CEST (Sweden)

Instructor: Steph Rue

What materials do I need to participate?

Materials you will need to gather or purchase include: a pot, burner, plexiglas plate, a ruler, cutting mat, x-acto knife, etc. After you register, you will receive a complete materials list (along with links) to gather what you need so that you may be able to follow along in class. 

  • Mordant (Alum, 15g)

  • Natural dyestuff (Marigold, 15g)

  • Wheat starch (2 tbsp)

  • Instructions for how to prepare wheat paste

  • One large (25" x 36”) sheet of hanji, 30gsm

  • Several small pieces of interfacing

What is the fee and How do I register?

The total cost for the class is 150 USD. This does not include any materials you would need to purchase ahead of time. Once I receive your payment for the class, you are registered and will be sent the materials list and some instructions to start preparing for this class.

This workshop is the Intellectual Property of Steph Rue and Radha Pandey.
If you are considering teaching a workshop after taking this class, please contact us before doing so.

Click on the Register link below to be directed to the payment portal.

Registration closed. To purchase the recordings, click on the link below:

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