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Natural Dyeing & Kami-Ito with Radha Pandey

Natural Dyeing & Kami-Ito with Radha Pandey


In this two-session workshop, participants will learn how to make thread from paper. This traditional technique is specific to the Japanese paper tradition. I learned it from papermaker Asao Shimura years ago in the Philippines. A master papermaker, he wove fine shifu threads into garments! These threads are made from kozo papers, but can also be made using hanji. Long fibers in these papers make them suitable for converting into thread.

In the first session, we will dye some papers for our threads, and I will show everyone a demonstration of how to prep your paper for the treatment in the following session.

In the second session, we will cut our sheets and turn them into thread! This magical transformation takes some time and some elbow grease. This class will cover all the steps from beginning to end, but will not cover spinning or weaving.


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